The Story of Jesus – Santa style!

Ole St. Nick visited the preschool this morning!  Boy does he get the childrens’ attention!  Only one child broke out in tears…..he definitely has had a bad Santa experience! The look on the childrens faces is a mix of shock and terror!  Hehehehe.

No, they weren’t all that terrified because Santa engaged them in conversation about Jesus and how we love Him and follow Him and there were plenty with good responses.

Santa had a pretty cute helper in elf green with him…..Nancy!  She helped Santa get into his suit and even had to help Santa turn the pages on the big story book….I think Santa had some new gloves on!

What a wonderful visit by jolly ole’ St. Nick!


2 Responses

  1. santa looks as if he used a lot of extra padding this year –

    • He had to. And the belt was STILL too big around. We’ll have to make some adjustments for next year. Santa has a VERY big head. I think the hat was size small. Santa finally told his elf to wear it and to stop trying to put it back on his head!

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