Trust in the middle of Transition.

It has been great for me to not only lead a HOME group but to also have the opportunity to pop into other groups and study and hear how others process God’s truth and pray together……yes, pray together.  That was special.  It’s not surprising that when you connect with God, you connect with others in a very special way.

Certainly life is always challenging and for me this has been a time of transition …. both exciting and hugely challenging.  We have begun new ministry in Tijuana and taken on some huge new projects.  I know that this time of transition has been an OPPORTUNITY to trust and seek God’s presence and power.  That is a good thing.  You can read about the new work that is launching in Tijuana here: (don’t worry, it’s in English!)

This message series has grown my faith. What do you do when life takes a detour and you are in Plan B?  I have learned not only to trust God but to PRAISE Him in the MIDDLE of the change, storm…. “transition!”

We are working on foundational things with the Concordia ministry as well as keeping up with the active and growing ministry and ALSO looking ahead and working on things that are on the horizon…..ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  To boot…..we are doing things that haven’t been done before …. and navigating new ground.  It is good to see that we are reaching new people here at Concordia….EVERY SUNDAY.  What a privilege.

Thank you for prayer for the Concordia ministry….the vision that God has given….the new people that are learning about Jesus…. !

Pray for the Easter that is on the horizon….. pray we can connect with our community….that people will take first steps toward God.  Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to till the ground in the hearts of people who will have connect with Concordia through the preschool, the community events, an invitation by someone from Concordia.  Pray those who are learning about Jesus here at Concordia burn brightly with the unmistakable joy of the Christ-follower!

I am  enjoying this song by Matt Redman “10,000 Reasons”



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