Opportunity and Favor

It is very exciting as we turn on the heat to “high” in our Easter planning! The urgency and the opportunity are palpable! We have been praying for opportunity and favor.

1. Praying for baptisms and conversions. NEW: We will schedule baptisms for Sunday 10:30am April 1 and Saturday, April 7 at 6pm the night before Easter. Very exciting. So exciting is that Ting (one of the exchange students from China staying with me this year) and another student from China will be baptized this Easter! Talked to another adult yesterday about baptism and parents of about 6 children!

2. Praying for 500 for Easter. NEW: Opening up new services for them to come. Why would we pray for them to come and not provide enough seats for them to come! Exciting. A second fam jam and a NEW format on SUNDAY EVENING which will be a little edgier and likely a little louder!

3. Praising God for His great sacrifice on our behalf……at all services. NEW: Sunrise service on Easter SUnday to pray for conversions….all that HE will do which is more than we can imagine!

4. Praying for opportunity. NEW: Just announced a new development just one block from our church called Eastern Urban Center, Millenia which will be 3.5 million square feet of commercial space, including a hotel; and six parks, a library, school, fire station and transit station. The high-density development on 210 acres lies east of state Route 125 and south of Birch Road and the Otay Ranch Town Center mall. Mega opportunity. Now praying for favor.

5. Easter EGGstravaganza. Last year we planned for 500 and 2400 came! This year we are planning for lots of fun and hands on activities and new ways to help direct the family toward the Easter celebration and God’s Big Day! Pray for this. It will be Saturday, March 31st from 9 to noon. I am thankful for the excellent organizing team who combine skill with passion. No better combination!

6. Excited about the privilege of focusing on the core and central mission of the church …… being used by God to reach new people so that the Kingdom of God grows by leaps and bounds! The vision of people getting to know and love God and seeing their names written in the Book of Life…..is absolutely dizzying!

7. Seeing God during this time of Lent has let me to add prayer time and readings from the Book of Acts. It is so refreshing.


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