My Vision

Dr. Kikunaga had no idea that day that he would have to spend an extraordinary amount of time with this blind lady.  Yes, I was wearing contact lenses and glasses on top of my contacts.  “Why?” Dr. Kukanaga asked me so politely.  “I thought that was the best I could do,” I answered naively.  “I think we can do better.”  Not only was he confident but he had me try a pair of soft contact lenses just so I would see what kind of vision I could get!  This was a first for me because I am a hard lens wearer since I began wearing contacts back in the 70s!

I had heard about Choice Vision through my friend Mike Minjares of the MyHOmetown magazine.  I visited him last year when I made appointments for my son and daughter. Ah yes, they were my guinea pigs! I was impressed with him then…..and even more impressed this time when he remembered which one was my daughter (the girl with the “hair”) and my son Andres.

The Dr. was as pleasant as can be….but he was very focused on making sure he checked out my vision and eye health thoroughly making sure I knew of the special risks of people who have extreme nearsightedness. Then he excused himself for a bit and when he came back he said he was able to secure a special price for me for my contact lenses because of a clause in my insurance coverage…..yes, the make special allowances for people as blind as me, I discovered.  Dr. Kukanaga went the extra mile.  I am excited for my new contact lenses to come in.

Thank you Dr. Kikunaga.  You have made a blind lady very happy.