I have experienced alot of challenge this week.  I have prayed for alot of people experiencing deep pain and death.  That is the broken world in which we live….. it is surrounded with pain and death.  But the story doesn’t end there … Sunday is coming!  I don’t think it can come quick enough.

I am so looking forward to the message of resurrection…of renewal.  The question then is how do we hold on to that Easter message every day after Easter?

1.  Join us on Sundays as we begin the message series:  CHANGE….for the better.  I am looking forward to God changing me.

2.  Join a HOME group. It is how we help each other live that Easter message and go deep, if you define deep as applying God’s truth to everyday life, as we define it.  They begin next Sunday. You can sign up beginning tomorrow.

3.  Serve….where you have giftedness and opportunity.  It is a great way to connect with God and participate in the healing He wants to accomplish.  If you are not sure where to start, let’s talk soon (mgsalomon@gmail.com)

So looking forward to Easter tomorrow.  I am excited I get to begin hearing the Easter message tonight at 6pm at Concordia for our “Conversations” service.  Excited too because I get to witness baptisms….which are always visible events of God’s resurrection power.

So excited.


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