Launching HOME groups with a new message series: “CHANGE … for the better!”

We launched HOME groups for our Easter season with a new message series entitled: “CHANGE…for the better!”

I am so inspired by the message of last SUnday, the kick off, and this one phrase:  “God always has a bigger story!”  This truth has given me new perspective.  Whatever you are going through…..and I mean WHATEVER…..this is not the end of your story.  It seems obvious but this is truly a profound truth.  GOD has something MORE…..He has something BIGGER…. He has something GOOD in mind for me and you.  What a great thing to remember.  I think I will use this phrase until Kingdom comes!   We need to remember because we suffer from human “myopia” which causes us to think that what we are going through is going to paralyze us forever.  It feels that way … somethimes … but GOD always has a bigger story!  YES!  This is the open door…..not only that, but it is the wafting fragrance of hope that rushes by you assaulting your senses and forcing you to breath it in deeply.  Yes, the Holy Spirit is doing His work.  So glad He has taken up residence at Concordia and is helping us see the movement of God in our midst. Amen!

P.S.  Do whatever you have to do ….. don’t miss Sundays at Concordia!  You will learn a simple truth of God…. but so profound and powerful,  it will take you a lifetime to live it out, but it will bring you LIFE !  The EASTER truth was another game changer for me:  “Be where Jesus is”   Simple….profound….action!


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