Day of the Child Celebration

Our ministry of Building Generations across the border in Mexico organized a women’s retreat for women leaders in Tijuana.  It was a blessing!  I will post photos soon. Again this year we have a mission partner in my friend Kathy who is a missionary and psychologist along with her congregation All Saints Lutheran Church in Washington.   Kathy led a workshop for the women during the retreat on the theme of the family.  More and photo will follow.

Right now we are getting ready for the Day of the Child celebration today.  This is a big celebration in Mexico.  In a country where sometimes children don’t get special celebrations for their birthdays, an opportunity to celebrate all children, is a cost effective method to bring joy to the lives of children.  Today we get to bring joy to children and help them learn about Jesus at the same time!

This year a special family at All Saints Church took on the project of the craft for children in Mexico. Thanks to the Sinclair family and kids for giving up their school break to put together 300 craft kits for today!

What a sacrificial gift!  Pray for us today. I will post photos later.



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