Change…..for the better.

We are winding up our series “Change….for the better” and it has been a great time of discovery and prayer.  We have not only dipped into great truths of God but He has asked us to dive in….and we have.

Along the journey has been a young family and I have so enjoyed their really keen and deep insights into God’s word.  It is such a blessing to study God’s Word in a group and to encourage each other.  John and Jeanne have had great perspectives to share and they are bold and intrepid in their approach to God’s Word. I am so thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to know them over these last 6 weeks.

For me, one of the encouragements that I have taken to heart has been this one:  “Be where Jesus is.”  This came at week two.  It sounds simple but it has truly changed my whole perspective.  Where ever I am ….whether in a position of fear, or one of challenge, or one of connecting with my purpose….I must run to where Jesus is and that must be my north!

It means to me that I must start not by looking at my own circumstances, condition or challenge but I must begin with Him…….communication with him, study of His word, seeking to honor Him and align myself with His will.  I must run and not walk to be where He is. The simple truths are always the most profound.  That certainly is the approach we take at Concordia as we ask the Holy Spirit to take each of us at Concordia….of every age….one step closer to God.

“Be where Jesus is”  has been rattling around in my head and heart for the last 5 weeks……and it has changed me.  I know that simple phrase and the encouragement and direction God has given me through it, will stay with me.

Thank you Lord.


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