PSALM 119 – Delighting in the Lord…..

Delighting in the Lord, delighting in the discovery of Him, delighting in the Word.

I love Psalm 119:16.  Last week Pastor challenged us to spend a few minutes reading God’s Word each day.  This week he challenged us to extend the time so that we get to know Him.  He used this phrase: “Linger with the Lord.”

I was reminded of that phrase when I read this verse on “delighting”…… (“I will delight in your statues; I will not forget your word.” Psalm 115:16) This is what this is telling me:   ENJOY your time discovering who the Lord is…..don’t view it as an obligation, one more thing to tick off your “todo” list.  Linger, delight, enjoy, discover.  They are things I desire…..but just desiring them doesn’t take me down the road to achieving them.  I have discovered that TIME in God’s word takes me down that road and God does an amazing thing…..He grows my faith, He gives me those things I need (He knows what those things may be at any particular time).  He is helping me open the door, helping me set aside that time….. because that is how He pursues me….always pursuing me.  That is a good thought and I am delighting in that thought this morning!


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