You are a letter written by God’s Holy Spirit.

What a privilege it is for me to see people grow in faith.  I see it here at Concordia where we reach people who are developing a personal relationship with God for the first time.  I know I am witnessing a miracle and that is work of God’s Holy Spirit. As I was reading 2 Corinthians 3 today I was reminded of the fact that those following Jesus are a letter to the world not written with ink and paper but by God’s Holy Spirit.

Our vision here at Concordia of producing generations of people AND CHURCHES that communicate Jesus like the world has rarely seen, also extends to work we support around the world. One ministry we support is south of us in Tijuana.  There we are supporting a new bible institute that will produce workers for new mission work. The more than 30 students just finished their overview of the Old Testament.  As they approach their study of God’s word and so they don’t miss God’s narrative they read a whole book of the Bible in ONE SITTING and OUT LOUD. I am humbled by their dedication, their commitment, their service and their love.

They gathered just last weekend and I was among those invited to celebrate their successful completion of the course. There they talked about what God had taught them during these months of rigorous study.

Here is one woman’s comments.  She talked about the privilege of studying and how God surprises us each day with his greatness and his perfect plan.  She noted that her prayer is that through this study of His word, they are not tempted by vanity to say they know so much but that God would prepare her to share with others and that it all be to His glory and honor.

Pray for these servants of God who will begin their work in the New Testament in September.  Pastor Schmidt will be teaching the course on Systematics next spring!


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