We are in a new series on PRAYER.  Last week we talked about Praise.  What a great thing to talk and think about.  Loved it.

Wasn’t looking so forward to yesterday’s message on REPENTANCE.  Repentance can be a little bit of a downer, I was thinking.  Yes, we have to face those things that separate us from GOD….sin.  Loved the object lesson when the children ran around hiding the rock “sin”…..  So like us.

Wow….how important it is for us to remember (yes, even those….or maybe especially those…who have been walking with the Lord for a time) that the drive to repentance should be this image….we are so excited to be with the Master. Repentance is opening the gate to freedom because, as Pastor explained:

1. It repairs the damage sin causes in our relationship with God.

2. It lifts the burden we carry.

3. This restored relationship puts us in a position to be in line with God’s will….and that makes our prayer powerful and effective!

That makes for powerful and effective living.

Yep…God is ready to open the gate….and I’m ready to run.




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