Concordia Volunteer – HIGHLIGHT

What a privilege it is to work with Concordia people who give of their gifts to serve the Lord here at Concordia.  There are SO many people whose “behind the scenes” work make Concordia better.  One of those gifts is the gift of talent (and time!)  from Kurt Zaiser (and little Soren too!) in the technology area. You’re not supposed to notice them but Kurt runs the camera that helps us during worship (and Soren often the power point along with other members of that team).  Kurt also records and puts up the podcast.  Have you listened to that thing? (check it out here)   I am amazed at the quality.

Our computers and network and internet have been kind of wonky for a bit and Kurt and Soren spent 8 hours on Saturday to figure out the issues (there were many) and reconfigure, replace some hardware, etc. to make it run again.  This not only helps us do our work but this was also making the check in system in the lobby glitch (not a good thing for the traffic we have during the week with the preschool).

I am totally going to get in trouble for mentioning them but ….. if I asked you to thank Kurt I would be going over the top in getting myself in trouble, but please take a moment to thank God for Kurt and the Zaiser family and pray for extravagant blessing on their lives!  We have been praying for the Zaiser family as Kurt has just buried his father.

ANOTHER unsung hero is our friend John Livsey who oversees our landscaper and was out this weekend sprucing up the property …. and also worked on a toilet in the women’s restroom.  Thanks John for making the property look good for our neighbors and … well, you know the rest. Pray for John and his new bride “Sam” and especially Jim Kelly (Sam’s brother) who is struggling with his health after his double lung transplant.  Also pray for John’s mother who has had health challenges too.

When I think of the joyful service people like this two Concordia volunteers give, in the midst of life’s challenges, I just feel …. incredibly grateful and honored to know them and work with them.  Thanks Kurt and John!


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  1. I am always amazed at the consistency of Kurt and Soren arriving early and knowing how to work that overwhelming electronic stuff, not to mention how in the world Kurt stands on that chair and videos the entire service.
    He and John Livesy are both such humble, unassuming men who never draw attention to themselves. I see many godly attributes in them and the way they serve. Concordia is blessed to have them and many others like them. Thank you, guys!

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