He is enough. I am enough.

Our team goes every year to a local conference for ministry teams.  This year the messages that really met my need were presentations challenging us to encourage us to seek Jesus.  A simple message, yes.  A message heard a thousand times, yes.  One of the speakers challenged us to examine whether we most often, first and sometimes only seek Jesus’ blessings, provisions, power, etc? These are good things of course. But do we desire just Him?  Do we desire who He is?  Do we desire to just be in His presence?  A simple concept.  A challenging practice.

Then he challenged leaders especially to consider the truth that “I am enough.” He doesn’t care about what we can do and bring.  They obviously don’t impress Him.  He desires just us … His creation.

Just me.  I am enough.  What an amazing thought.

These ideas are still stirring in my soul.  Its a good thing.



What an amazing night last night.  Andres gave his senior recital which was a worship concert. This was a kind of final exam in preparation of finishing his music degree with an emphasis in worship leading at San Diego Christian College which happens in December.  Some of his amazingly talented friends played with him. I am sure they put in countless hours with Andres. What beautiful friendships.

I am his biggest fan but even I was unprepared for the evening Andres had carefully prepared.  They performed 10 songs and it was gripping. It was intense and by the intermission I was exhausted!  It was great to see so many good friends from the neighborhood, school and church — including his guitar teacher and Pastor — to encourage Andres and celebrate this night which in many ways is a culmination of many years of study and preparation (about 6 years). That was special.  My best friend from high school even drove down from Ventura with her husband to be part of Andres’ special night.

I was so grateful to experience this night with my son….and have Elizabeth, my mom (and my niece Sara and nephew Memo) with me made it perfect.

There were so many new songs I had never heard. Beautiful songs with profound messages of faith.

I loved his introduction to a new arrangement of “How Great Thou Art”.  He talked about loving this hymn and remembering singing it as a child in church.  It made me think what a privilege it was to raise him in the church.  It made me think about when he was a young child.  I would sing to the children from the old hymnal after our prayer time and they were tucked into bed. He loved those reformation hymns in minor keys even as a young child and would sing on key.  I remember he loved to “conduct” and sing “Thy Strong Word.”  That should have given me an inkling he might grow up to be a musician.  What beautiful memories flooded my mind as I was enjoying the evening.  Everyone said I was beaming. Yes, I was.  I was beaming with pure joy and gratitude.

I loved the comment of one of his friends who posted on facebook after the performance a simple “Mind. Blown”  That’s how I felt too.  Thank you, Lord.

A lasting impact….

We are studying the book of Nehemiah in our message series and home groups. What a great opportunity to put some “legs” on and “heart” on a teaching when you have an opportunity to think about it, apply it to your own life and pray God makes that teaching alive in you.

Two new gals showed up to my home group last night and usually this takes a bit of time to get to a comfort level….but last night there were deep connections with each other and God’s Holy Spirit. It was a powerful time of testimony and prayer. We all looked at each other and knew it had happened in a deep way.

Taking time to connect with others and with God is a powerful thing.  Sometimes the smallest gesture, word, compassionate glance, can mean so much.

As I have been going through tax records and receipts (from all the way back to the 60s) since my mom moved in with us, I have been coming across bits and pieces of memorabilia that I am pulling to save. I found a letter from my grandfather that he wrote me in the 80s. Grandfather was a wonderful and loving grandfather.  In this letter he thanks me for a “beautifully worded” card and that it made him “feel like he was in heaven.”  He strayed in this letter from the prescribed greeting that he learned should begin every letter.  It was different.  I have no idea what made an impact on him.  He took the time to tell me.  And now…..decades later, I get to enjoy how much I was loved and how wonderful it was to have him in my life so close and for so long.  I reflect on the many little things he did for me that made me feel secure as I grew up without a dad.  They were many little things. Those little things were actually the big things.  I want to be remembered that way by the people in my life that I love and care about.  It starts and ends with little things.

Take the time, I have to remind myself, to show those whom you love — and yes, use your words– that they mean so much to you.  It will make a difference in your life now and perhaps many decades from now.

What do you think?