He is enough. I am enough.

Our team goes every year to a local conference for ministry teams.  This year the messages that really met my need were presentations challenging us to encourage us to seek Jesus.  A simple message, yes.  A message heard a thousand times, yes.  One of the speakers challenged us to examine whether we most often, first and sometimes only seek Jesus’ blessings, provisions, power, etc? These are good things of course. But do we desire just Him?  Do we desire who He is?  Do we desire to just be in His presence?  A simple concept.  A challenging practice.

Then he challenged leaders especially to consider the truth that “I am enough.” He doesn’t care about what we can do and bring.  They obviously don’t impress Him.  He desires just us … His creation.

Just me.  I am enough.  What an amazing thought.

These ideas are still stirring in my soul.  Its a good thing.


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