Operation Showers of Appreciation

We have been thinking about, praying for and planning this baby shower for most of the year.  Our congregation had collected money for the gifts, we committed to making the lunch and decorating the room and hosting the shower.  I so appreciate the great party planning talent of Lori Bahn who despite coming with her three little children (5 year old, dynomite 2 year old and a newborn) AND being under the weather……was like the energizer bunny.  The kitchen was headed by Betty Pacheco and Karin Smith. The food was delicious and the decorations were beautiful.

The room slowly filled with moms and many came with their husbands.  Many were wishing their husbands were there and not deployed. Most were pregnant and some had already had their babies.  One baby was 9 days old!  One woman was near her due date … with twins!  The array of women was beautiful. I think we had about 60 in attendance.

The Founder of the organization told her powerful story about the child that was born very ill and how people who were strangers came alongside of them and opened their homes, and provided the things they needed.  She was overwhelmed by their generosity.  She lost the baby and when she realized that she could help others out of her pain and serve them, she experienced healing.  What a noble soul to consider it a privilege to come alongside military families when they needed support at the birth of a child especially when often family is far away.  Sometimes the emotion made her quiet for a moment but when she talked about serving people in this room…..the “you who are the heroes” her voice was clear and strong.

What a privilege to partner with this organization.  The moms received from Concordia and many other corporate sponsors so many items from their “wish lists” including baby seats, strollers, baby chairs and other large ticket items as well as diapers, clothes, etc!  It was a generous showering of gifts and blessings!


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