Christ enter here….hear our cries….make us whole!

If there was ever a time we needed to hear the message of comfort and rescue….the Christmas message… is now that our country is experiencing a loss as a greater community in the aftermath of the senseless killings of innocents in Newtown, Connecticut.


I am not surprised that a message prepared before we had ever heard about Sandy Hook, is so perfect and needed at this Christmas time.  That is because the message of transcendent love found in the person of Jesus is timeless and relevant in all times and in all circumstances to all people of all ages.  Today and always…we need to hear the Word that saves and is near.

Come on Christmas eve to hear about how there is a space in us…an emptiness that needs to be filled by Jesus for us to be truly whole.  Especially in times when we have experienced loss as we have experienced in these days.  I would dare to wonder who among us was spared the deep pain and probably most, if not all of us, have shed real tears of loss as we heard about the tragedy in Newtown.

Jesus has something to say about that loss or emptiness this Christmas.  Come hear. Come find out what the message of Christ offers.  Come and experience a love that heals and is present in all of our struggles and pain.

There is joy.  It is real.  It has a name and is called Jesus! We all approach Jesus as a child and Him as a Father.  In his embrace, our questions are replaced by His comforting presence.  It is enough.

Christmas Eve at 4pm and 6pm(candlelight) here at Concordia. Join us.


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