Happy New Year — “Surrender” my little word this year

For the last few years I have been inspired by Ali Edwards to choose one little word at the beginning of the year to be a focus for the year. Rather than a list of resolutions, just choose a focus word.  Sometimes I have chosen a word and sometimes a word has chosen me.   Through the years my word has been gratitude, grow, intention(Living with Intention)…and last year, my word was order. So much was in transition I felt the need to focus on a little bit of order each day.  This year is an example of a word choosing me and it seems to go in the opposite direction of my word “order” of last year.  My word for 2013 is “surrender”.  I want this year to focus on surrendering to God and what He wants me to experience, do and become.  I am excited about this season in life. Because I want to be about greater things this year, I need to surrender and be especially attuned to where God is leading.  I am excited about where my journey with God in 2013 will take me.

The kids and my mom and I got to talk about what were the greatest blessings on 2012 and where we want to focus in 2013.  I think this will be a new tradition for us.  I loved it.

I am so grateful that both Andres and Elizabeth finished their degrees this year and that both are working where it could be said they are following their passion. Nothing better for a mother’s soul to witness.  I am so grateful.

Another beautiful thing was getting the youtube link of Andres’ worship concert.  I didn’t think we could put it up in its entirety but we were able to do this (thanks to the great work of Soren and Kurt) I got to see the concert again today and remember what an amazing evening it was.


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