Serving along the border

Tere and I had the opportunity to serve as the SECOND Lutheran Bible Institute begins its work in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico.  We traveled there (some 5 hours of driving east and south each way).  We met up with Rev. Ramon Contreras director of LBCM and Rev. Carl Lutz who was serving as professor for the Old Testament class these students will first tackle.  

We have worked together for many years and Pastor Lutz and I already have the experience at doing the simultaneous translation in a way that is easy for the students to hear.  I learn so much from being with him…..mainly because on our drive times, I have the opportunity to ask him the boldest questions I want!  His vast knowledge of God’s Word is such a blessing…coupled with his experience and missionary heart, always shares such wisdom and learning with those who are willing to ask and listen.


We arrived for worship and that was such a delightful experience.  I loved seeing how people are moved by the liturgy, the reading and studying of God’s Word and especially as they participated in the Lord’s Supper.  At this congregation they all went forward.  I was a bit unsure and waited back seeing that the communion rail was full…..but people from behind me just rushed forward.  Pastor had to step over two children who were crawling around the altar.  People were visibly moved as they approached the table of the Lord.  I was struck by how this rush to be with the Lord was as it should be.  I was struck at how orderly and formal and regimented sometimes we are in the United States.  This was so organic and urgent.  It was beautiful.

Later we shared a meal together …. Pozole …. a soup with hominy and chicken.  I loved seeing the work of the children taped on the wall. Again, how unlikely would we see things just taped on the wall in the United States (our walls might be marred). I loved seeing the word of the children….as they copied the Apostles Creed and the Lord’s Prayer and the Psalms.  Interesting how the simple exercise of copying God’s Word was the whole experience of education for children….even young children.  Beautiful.  


There were 12 students eager and willing to learn and serve God and His people.  There were another 10 students who because of the harvest time were not able to attend. There is talk about another class for that group.  


Pastor Lutz traveled with us on the ride home and we had a delightful time asking him questions and gleaning from his many years of pastoral ministry many useful and practical lessons that we will share with others. It was a long day but we returned home not only deeply satisfied but grateful for having been used for  great purpose on this trip.  

Thank you friends for praying for these students, Pastor Contreras and Pastor Lutz and for future opportunities to help others learn the big truths of God. It was indeed a great day.



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