Serving to build the Kingdom….

I am so glad Concordia is a congregation that has a BIG desire to serve the BIG goals of God around the world.  It has been a blessing to me to serve with a ministry that seeks to build generations for God.  With the ministry we have had such opportunities.

This weekend we were privileged to be part of the inaugural class of the SECOND Bible Institute along the border.  This one was opened in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico which is south of Yuma, Arizona.

Tere and I traveled in the wee hours of Sunday morning to make the 5 hour trip East and South.  There we met with Rev. Ramon Contreras, Director of LBCM ministry and Rev. Carl Lutz missionary/bible scholar who serves as professor of both New Testment and Old Testament.   It was my pleasure to serve as translator for Pastor Lutz.  He is such a dedicated servant and student of God’s Word that where there is an opportunity to serve he always says yes, “as long as the Lord allows.”  We are grateful for the Lord keeping him going strong as he approaches his 80 years and probably some 60 years in the ministry.  Please thank God with me for the life and service of this man who is preparing men and women for greater service to the Lord in the places God has asked them to serve.  Once again, we met wonderfully dedicated men and women who are excited about learning more about God and His Word.



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