Thanks Pastor Shockey……

A pastor from Minnesota came to visit Concordia and was intrigued by the FAM JAM concept.  He then came back with his team to study it further.  He has now begun a FAM JAM service in his parish with blessing and success! How great is that!  Pastor Shockey shared an email written by his wife sharing some of the exciting things God is doing through their FAM JAM worship.

 I think it’s pretty cool! First thing I learned is that Mark began a new member on Thursday evening (last night) with two school families that have connected to St. Peter’s because of attending FAMJAM! One dad has never really had any connection with a church before, but felt a newfound curiosity about Jesus because of the FAMJAM! style of worship. Isn’t that awesome?! For years we’ve been scratching our heads about how to share the great news of our Savior Jesus with the different adults walking through our doors on a daily basis. The kids get it!! That’s never been the problem! Now the Spirit is working through us so that the parents can get it too!! See? Isn’t that pretty cool??

I don’t know about you, but that gives me goosebumps!  I love seeing God at work.

Pastor Shockey has now nominated Concordia (because of our FAM JAM worship format)  for the Guido Merkens award at the upcoming Best Practices in Ministry Conference coming up in February for “entrepeneurial, energetic and breakthrough ideas in ministry.”   These are his words to the nominating committee about Concordia:

I’ve got a nomination!

Concordia Church in Chula Vista, CA has an awesome family worship service for families with young children.  It is called FAM JAM.  It is not just worship for families, but an interactive, fast paced, Biblical experience that is fresh each week.  Children participate in a hands on way throughout the service, but the content is full of depth for adults as well.  I think I remember them saying they had 75 baptisms directly attributable to Fam Jam during the last 2 years since it started.  It is an awesome way that they are reaching their community and meeting a need.  A team puts it together every week led by Pastor Richard Schmidt.

I’ve been there twice to learn more.  Great stuff.

Here is the website and a description from the website:  This worship service is designed for parents and children to learn about God together. It’s noisy…by design. People of all ages participate … by design. It’s something like you probably haven’t experienced before. We believe that we begin a conversation about God’s eternal truths that families talk about throughout the week and find ways to live out in the context of everyday life. You will see people serving from ages 5 to 95 and every place in between because we treasure the gifts God has given the church in every season.

His number was off a little because we have had only 50 baptisms over the last 2 1/2 years and not 75.  But Pastor Schmidt was saying that 50 baptisms over the span of a couple of years is what churches of about 2,000 typically run!

It is not only an honor to be considered for this award by our brothers and sisters in ministry gathered at this conference, but it is an encouragement to our volunteer teams for all the creative work they do as we serve the big mission God has given Concordia.

It is so fun to be a part of this ministry.

Oh….and thanks Pastor Shockey for not only being a friend of Concordia, but also for being a raving fan!  We love you and pray for the great blessing of many through the ministry of St. Peters church!


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