A time….

There is a rhythm to life. There are times of weighty burden (for you or others you care about) and there are times of lightness and buoyancy. It is good to experience times of repentance and times of refreshment. We are entering a time of repentance observed in the historical church called Lent. I personally don’t give something up for Lent (although these are good spiritual practices) but rather want to fix greater attention to going deeper in seeking and giving God’s mercy. Who needs a hot meal, a warm touch, a glimpse of hope…. a word of kindness? Where will I create space and focus for such things. Time for these things mean less time for other things. What are those other things? Don’t much know …all I can do is focus on what is ahead, not what is left behind. That is my prayer for this season. Kyrie Eleison!



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