Serving is …..

Serving is sometimes struggle.  Serving always takes you out of your comfort zone. When we went to feed the homeless in partnership with Chickfila and a Girl Scout Daisy Troop, we had 12 adults and about 10 young children along.

I was interested to hear about how both adults and children processed the experience of serving among people in real need.  As adults, we are impacted with the need and the sometimes helpless feeling that what you brought just scratches the surface.  Sometimes you are confronted by your own abundance and how you live in relative peace and safety and there are people right outside your neighborhood who can’t even sleep in safety.

You realize how LITTLE you think about and how quickly you forget about people who are victims of life, poor choices, injustice, etc.  You consider how, as individuals working together, you can not completely meet the need but you make a difference for a few families on a particular afternoon.  It breaks your heart but it also gives birth to hope in your heart.

One family observed that a distraught couple’s pain was eased for a bit when they gave a wellness bag (after they had already run out of lunches) that was received with appreciation by a woman who was crying and her barefoot husband who was trying to console her.  The man spotted the socks in the bag and said he really needed socks.

One family with two very young children gave lunches to a group of individuals living on the streets and there were many young children among their group.  The little 4 year old boy serving wondered where they could receive their Christmas gifts if they had no home.  His 6 year old sister explained they have no toys, no home and their daddies sometimes have no jobs.

There were good family conversations about the need of others and the opportunity we have to be Jesus’ hands and feet to serve others in love.

I am grateful for the struggle. Service always come with a price. Often the price is we leave a piece of our heart behind.



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