EASTER at Concordia

This is the exciting season of EASTER.

We have had a great message series leading up to Easter.  Today’s message had impact. (podcast HERE)

The community Easter EGGstravaganza is coming up this Saturday, March 23rd.  It is our third annual blow out community event and the first time we are hosting a Bunny Run from 8 to 9am before the event which goes from 9 to noon.  I think it is going to be so much fun! Don’t miss it.

Then the following weekend is Easter weekend.  We are looking forward to our biggest crowd and have added a second FAM JAM service.  Here is the line up:  Classic worship at 8am, FAM JAM at 10am, FAM JAM at 11:30am and the EDGE at 5:30pm.  Choose your preferred style. Invite family and friends and come.

Andres produced this Easter video! Come One, Come All …. and Bring Some Bunny! Special appearance by the Easter Bunny at the Easter EGGstravaganza this SATURDAY March 23rd from 9 to noon. (Bunny Run from 8 to 9am) Then join us for EASTER Sunday, March 31st. Special services: Classic 8am, FAM JAM 10am, FAM JAM 11:30am and the EDGE at 5:30pm


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