This is a good friday…..


It is a Good Friday.  There has been some busyness but there has also been some quiet contemplation today and I am glad for it.  I am writing some of my thank you notes to our amazing team leaders that made the Easter EGGstravaganza a great event last weekend.  My writings are usually like a prayer and I am so thankful to God for the team that He has assembled here at Concordia.

I am thinking and praying for those who will be serving on Sunday also.  Again, a gifted bunch  — from those who will bring their musical gifts as an offering to those who will be setting up chairs, handing out programs, serving food, greeting, those serving as “introducers” after church, those working tech, children serving as ushers and “stagehands” ….just the myriad of tasks, big and little, that are done so that a beautiful welcome can happen on Sunday.  I am blown away when I see people going above and beyond or thinking of ways to make beauty in the details… our hospitality gal ordering small white candy crosses that will sit atop the little cupcakes served on Easter.   I am glad for the beauty that God has assembled here all for His honor and glory.  Me?  Well, I feel so privileged to be here to be a witness to it!

I am glad that so much effort is put into creating an environment that is welcoming and puts people at ease and makes them feel at home….because I am convinced that it is in this environment that people put their guard down, open their hearts and ears so that the Holy Spirit has fertile ground.  I am mostly glad that Concordia puts central focus on being faithful in its proclamation of the Gospel message. I am grateful of course for our pastor and his ability to keep the main thing the main thing and his ability to communicate that message in a way that people will best hear and understand.  I am thankful and praying for that message of love and redemption…..and for the proclaimer’s energy and stamina….. in the four services we will hold on Sunday.

It’s Friday. But Friday cannot be thought of in isolation. Friday is not the end of the story. Sunday is coming……!


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