Beautiful Easter

It was a beautiful Easter celebration at Concordia.  We had four worship experiences and launched the EDGE format which is highly music driven worship.  It was a beautiful day from beginning to end.  We had 50 first time guests check out Concordia on Easter.

In the busyness I captured just two photos.  When I looked back on them, I thought how beautifully it captures what Concordia is all about….a blessing passed from generation to generation!  These were two teams that served on Easter.  The two greeters, mother and daughter. They were dressed alike. It was so cute I snapped this photo.


Then I snapped this photo.  It is of one of our elders and young James.  They were the usher team for one of the FAM JAM worship experiences.

usherI loved how little James took his usher duties very seriously.  One weekend I was in the office when he came in and began his sorting duties. He wanted to make sure all the communication cards from the adults and from the children were neatly gathered.  He sorted through the offerings and made sure they all went neatly into the plastic zip lock back that gets put into the safe.  He knew the responsibility entrusted to him was great.  It was beautiful to see him serve and know he was entrusted with a special and important task.

I love to see how Concordia helps people of all ages discover their gifts and use them for the sake of the proclamation of the Gospel.  I love seeing us lift up the gifts of the young especially. I believe it will keep them engaged in God’s work and Word as they grow.


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