My friends…..

I didn’t know when we launched the church that I would spend so much time surrounded by preschoolers!  They have become some of my best friends. They have taught me some of the most important lessons and they have given me some of my biggest inspirations!

I experienced this when my own kids were little but I had forgotten how children see truth so clearly and express truth in a profound way.  I hear conversations among children and am astounded by how well they “see” life. 

I love how my friends give love so unreservedly. They inspire me to live in the moment and especially love in the moment.  I am thinking of my little friend Cady that always has to give me a hug in the morning and when she goes home (thanks to her mom for making the time to make this special moment possible).  She gets so excited to see me because she is anticipating the hug and her arms extend and her fingers wiggle before she falls into my arms. I love that she always wants to give me a hug at the end of the day whether she has had a good day or a bad day! Yep…important life lessons. 

ImageHere is another friend who I see during the week and when he comes to church on Sunday, he looks for me.  He likes to ask me questions.  He knows that I will take the time to consider his questions and not give him an easy answer. He pushes me to think in a different way.  He never lets me off the hook and I have to stretch to come up with satisfactory answers. He trusts me to be present and bring everything I have to the moment. 

When I saw this photo tonight of my sweet little friend, I realized how much I receive and learn from my new “short” friends.  What a sweet surprise it has been getting to spend time with these unique young people!  Life is good.


4 Responses

  1. Melissa, You are so special to our family. And I know you mean a lot to our boy. The time you give him always makes my heart smile. I know he doesn’t let anyone off easily–with all his questions, so your patience is a true virtue. We love you!!

    • Cynthia, I am the one on the receiving end and always learn more than I teach. It is quite a sweet and pure privilege. It is a blessing to enjoy friendship with you and your beautiful little family! Love, Melissa

  2. What a nice message! I enjoy reading your blog!!
    Judy from So. San Francisco

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