It takes a village …..

I am so grateful for the special “village” as we participated in the graduation festivites of SDCC for Andres.  Last night we attended the banquet and one of the students’ popular theology professors had some great remarks about how to live in the world (not in the bubble) and be a light of love and truth.  They had asked we submit photos of the graduates. I of course submitted some from when he was a toddler and young child as well as some wonderful shots of him leading in church, at his recital and with his Fusse and music buddies too.  As I saw snippets of his life flash…it made me think of all the blessing that had to happen over his whole life to bring him to this point.  It has been a privilege for me to be his mother but it really is true that raising a child is a “village” experience.  There have been family, the extended Concordia “village”, friends and neighbors who have taken the time to spend time with him and invest in him and love him.


More evidence of that “village” experience when pastor texted us early this morning with his greeting and congratulations and words of wisdom and reflection.  Yes, it is amazing to be connected to a community of faith and people who not only share friendly space with you but really love, invest and pour into you.  I am grateful for pastor who started mentoring Andres about 6 years ago…spending time with him, praying with and for him, discovering his heart and giving him opportunities to serve and as he grew, gave him more responsibilities.  I think of how key this has been in his development and what a wonderful provision of God through community this has been to us. 
There have been others (two others texted me today too!) in the Concordia village that have encouraged him and prayed for him and taught him and showed him by their example what it means to follow Jesus and serve others.  I am so grateful for these wonderful collaborators in this work of love. 
Yes, just feeling grateful today.

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  1. And none of that could have been possible without you, his devoted mother, who has spent over 2 decades making decisions in the best interest of your children not merely for the sake of their life in this world but more importantly for their life in the world to come.


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