Community is a beautiful thing…..

Do you have those weeks when everything seems to point you to one truth? This week for me it has been taking in the beauty of community.

A short term mission team (from Northern California and Colorado)  is here this week serving in our ministry “Building Generations” ministry in Tijuana.  They have led sewing workshops, led devotionals, sang, laughed and have thoroughly enjoyed serving this week.  I am so grateful for Londa, Luther, Pastor Clare, and Twila. There have been some long days this week but very sweet ones. Yesterday Londa, Twila and Luther helped the women tackle some sewing projects and I translated for Pastor Clare as he met with Pastor Enrique and lay leader Sadoc to discuss matters of faith and theology. Actually, it was more of an encouragement session and I know that was a tremendous blessing to the church workers.  What a generosity of heart for Pastor Clare to simply offer an ear to listen and encourage and share. Then we participated in a two hour devotional that the women have each Thursday.  It was beautiful how they sang, worshipped God, talked about how they are supporting their church’s ministry and serving the poor, they celebrated and prayed over the birthdays of a couple of women and they prayed prayers of thanksgiving and petition together. They prayed together, they cried together, they encouraged each other and then they celebrated together with a fellowship meal.  

As we were driving across the border, I asked the group what made the most impact on them as they got to interact with the people of Tijuana.  Without missing a beat, Pastor Clare said, “….how they care for each other with such devotion and affection.”  He couldn’t have summed it up better and it is such a privilege for me to be part of this community too.  For more on this and photos go to

 I opened up Pastor Schmidt’s blog this morning and he shared this verse: “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”  Romans 12:10  Certainly this is a hallmark of community.  We saw this in Tijuana and it was so evident even to outside observers.  

I get to see this as I serve in the Concordia community too.  It’s  God’s design and it is very good.



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