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Sending off another group…..

graduationGraduation is upon us.
They are ready for Kindergarten.
They are MORE than ready for Kindergarten.
We prepare them to be so prepared that if they enter a dual immersion class they are well rooted and confident in their academics they are able to tackle learning in another language!

What a privilege to share this time with them. We have loved them. We have seen their unique personalities and giftedness. We have prayed for them and asked God to greatly bless them and their families. It has been a sweet journey. We are still connected by the invisible bond of love even when they move on. We delight when they return to tell us of their wild success in elementary school. Just today we had a family visit so their son could greet his teacher. Even when they were a long way off at the other end of the hallway, his teacher knew immediately it was him. It was a touching moment…. beloved student and beloved teacher.

On Saturday it happens again…..we send off yet another group…. to the next adventure. We may not be ready…..but they are!


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