Ministry in Mexico

A day of firsts. Edificando Generaciones had never hosted a concert before. In collaboration with one of our local missions, and a dynamic youth leader, we hosted the “Elegidos” concert. The CHOSEN ones. Andres did a good job at assembling a team of musicians and they were excited about serving and ministering in spanish. Andres hadn’t sung publicly in spanish before and he did a great job. One of other team members, Alex, prepared a short message of encouragement and did great too. I love seeing them serve, stretch, move outside of their area of comfort all because they know they are advancing the mission of God.

A blast from the past

How amazing. I just happened upon on a facebook group from my Elementary school. I would have never thought such a thing existed. And….just a few posts in, there it was….one of my 6th grade classmates posted our class photo and a whole slew of classmates were posting who was who. The first few posts didn’t identify my photo but then a very nice Gary Crow, someone I have no recollection of, identified me as Melissa Martinez. So random. So surprising. So remarkable to suddenly have a rush of memories of faces and names and places from your childhood. Just so cool!


Joyce TingleDominguez Elementary School, Long Beach Ca
May 21

I attended Dominguez Elementary from 1962 to 1968 and was known as Joyce Earl.
I lived on Tyler St. and walked to school everyday. My best friend thru school was Cheryl O’Grady whose mom was our Girl Scout leader. My favorite teacher was Mr. Selznick, he was my 3rd grade teacher. In this photo I am on the bottom row, 2nd from the right.
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Joyce Tingle Thank you Ed. Here are some names I have – 2nd row, 5th from left- Athena. 2nd row 6th from left- Gloria Carter (my neighbor). 3rd row, 3rd from left- Jerry (I think). 5th row, 5th from left – Janet Drake.
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Gary Crow Ok my turn top row far right Melissa Martinez, second row far left is Maritza Correa, third row three in from the right is Jerry Franco, fifth row between Vickie and Don Russell is Larry Kirk and that along with the ones Ed already Identified are all the one I remember…
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Joyce Tingle Thank you Gary, I always called Maritza – Marisa.
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Laurie Panek Aguilar @ Sudik…think I’ve heard about that crush before!! I remember Rhonda’s Mom got a red Mustang when they first came out.
@ Gary…Marritza..that’s her name!
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Lisa Molina DelaLoza Ed is right, I am 5th row 2nd from left

Mothering in this new season

With both kids out of college and now employed and building careers, mothering enters a new and interesting season. I am mindful of being present and focusing on the fact that it is important to imprint on my heart and memory the wonderful moments that happen in the now. Each season of life has such beautiful offerings and they are to be looked at with deliberation and savored. I have always thought the ability to live with a more deliberate focus was a gift that comes with being a parent when you are a little older. I was 31 when Andres was born and Elizabeth was born just 14 months later.

The level of discussion, the ability to talk about faith and profound life understanding, their perspective on events and people around us is different now, as it is in each season of life. I am fascinated at this time in their lives, that we even can talk about their growing up years and I love seeing the world they experienced was different from what I remember. I guess this should be obvious but I love the discovery I experience when living each new season with my children.

I am grateful that they share many things with me. So, when I heard they would be going skydiving together, I knew I just had to be there! What a remarkable experience I got to share with them even if I was only a spectator. As I was there waiting for them to parachute down from the sky….a saying I read somewhere flashed through my mind that being a parent is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body. So true.

What a beautiful heart experience it is though. Such a high calling it is to parent. Of course, our children won’t understand this until they themselves are parents. But that is the way God designed it to be.

Me? I am just enjoying this present time of loving them in a new and deeper way and seeing them be and further develop into a young man and young woman blessed to be a blessing. It is a wonderful thing to witness. I am so grateful to God for this time.

the EDGE gaining Holy Spirit power and momentum

I love that the EDGE service fell on a day we were celebrating Pentecost. Every big move of God in the world and through the church has come with the OUTPOURING and INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit. We are seeking His presence and power. I love that we are creating new ways to meet the needs of people who are exploring a relationship with God. The EDGE service is a music driven exploration of who God is and where He is moving. It features a diverse sound for a diverse audience.

Andres is creating some new musical arrangements for this new service format. This weekend I thought it interesting that he took some praise classics and totally gave them a fresh interpretation. It is always cool to see how each generation has to find a new expression to the timeless truth of a never-changing God!

“Lord I lift your Name on High” is a song that Andres has sung since a young child….but it sounded totally different with the arrangement he gave it at the EDGE on Sunday. Take a listen to this short video clip.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Teaching in Tijuana

Pastor Schmidt is teaching the class on Systematic Theology at the Bible Institute in Tijuana. It is beautiful to see the students’ desire to learn more, understand more to serve more and love more.  I marvel at the intensity of the students and love to see their “Ah-ha” moments as the clarity of a deep point and understanding comes over their faces.


I love to see Pastor as he is painting a picture for the students and creating new ways to communicate a point.  He really focuses in making complex concepts simple.  That is an art. He tackled really important but complex concepts tonight but made sure the students had a clear framework to understand the material…often prefacing the discussion with “not letting their mind get in the way” and not going beyond what Scripture says and ultimately understanding that we will not  understand things perfectly because God is God and we are not.  We do take steps toward perfect faith and trust, however.

I am always humbled and inspired by the faith and trust I experience among the students.  Just this morning the church held a funeral and burial for the two month old grandson of one of the students.  They had just returned from the cemetery.  The student was there present for the class …. after what must have been the most emotionally draining day of her life…..there she was, taking in deep the lessons about death, life, hope and love.  I am humbled and inspired by that kind of faith.  I am always amazed at the working of God in the lives of His people.

The things that Pastor tackled today in a nonstop 2 1/2 hours (yes, non stop and fast talking!) were Sanctification, Election and Sacraments! How does this happen?  I translate simultaneously so you have to tune your ears to which voice you listen to because we are both basically talking at the same time.  Sometime I will have to make a video clip of it.

Thinking about how this will bless the ministries of the students is a beautiful thing….and I know it blesses Pastor Schmidt and it certainly blesses me.