Teaching in Tijuana

Pastor Schmidt is teaching the class on Systematic Theology at the Bible Institute in Tijuana. It is beautiful to see the students’ desire to learn more, understand more to serve more and love more.  I marvel at the intensity of the students and love to see their “Ah-ha” moments as the clarity of a deep point and understanding comes over their faces.


I love to see Pastor as he is painting a picture for the students and creating new ways to communicate a point.  He really focuses in making complex concepts simple.  That is an art. He tackled really important but complex concepts tonight but made sure the students had a clear framework to understand the material…often prefacing the discussion with “not letting their mind get in the way” and not going beyond what Scripture says and ultimately understanding that we will not  understand things perfectly because God is God and we are not.  We do take steps toward perfect faith and trust, however.

I am always humbled and inspired by the faith and trust I experience among the students.  Just this morning the church held a funeral and burial for the two month old grandson of one of the students.  They had just returned from the cemetery.  The student was there present for the class …. after what must have been the most emotionally draining day of her life…..there she was, taking in deep the lessons about death, life, hope and love.  I am humbled and inspired by that kind of faith.  I am always amazed at the working of God in the lives of His people.

The things that Pastor tackled today in a nonstop 2 1/2 hours (yes, non stop and fast talking!) were Sanctification, Election and Sacraments! How does this happen?  I translate simultaneously so you have to tune your ears to which voice you listen to because we are both basically talking at the same time.  Sometime I will have to make a video clip of it.

Thinking about how this will bless the ministries of the students is a beautiful thing….and I know it blesses Pastor Schmidt and it certainly blesses me.


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  1. Is there any way to have this taped for others to learn and grow?

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