Mothering in this new season

With both kids out of college and now employed and building careers, mothering enters a new and interesting season. I am mindful of being present and focusing on the fact that it is important to imprint on my heart and memory the wonderful moments that happen in the now. Each season of life has such beautiful offerings and they are to be looked at with deliberation and savored. I have always thought the ability to live with a more deliberate focus was a gift that comes with being a parent when you are a little older. I was 31 when Andres was born and Elizabeth was born just 14 months later.

The level of discussion, the ability to talk about faith and profound life understanding, their perspective on events and people around us is different now, as it is in each season of life. I am fascinated at this time in their lives, that we even can talk about their growing up years and I love seeing the world they experienced was different from what I remember. I guess this should be obvious but I love the discovery I experience when living each new season with my children.

I am grateful that they share many things with me. So, when I heard they would be going skydiving together, I knew I just had to be there! What a remarkable experience I got to share with them even if I was only a spectator. As I was there waiting for them to parachute down from the sky….a saying I read somewhere flashed through my mind that being a parent is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body. So true.

What a beautiful heart experience it is though. Such a high calling it is to parent. Of course, our children won’t understand this until they themselves are parents. But that is the way God designed it to be.

Me? I am just enjoying this present time of loving them in a new and deeper way and seeing them be and further develop into a young man and young woman blessed to be a blessing. It is a wonderful thing to witness. I am so grateful to God for this time.


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