A blast from the past

How amazing. I just happened upon on a facebook group from my Elementary school. I would have never thought such a thing existed. And….just a few posts in, there it was….one of my 6th grade classmates posted our class photo and a whole slew of classmates were posting who was who. The first few posts didn’t identify my photo but then a very nice Gary Crow, someone I have no recollection of, identified me as Melissa Martinez. So random. So surprising. So remarkable to suddenly have a rush of memories of faces and names and places from your childhood. Just so cool!


Joyce TingleDominguez Elementary School, Long Beach Ca
May 21

I attended Dominguez Elementary from 1962 to 1968 and was known as Joyce Earl.
I lived on Tyler St. and walked to school everyday. My best friend thru school was Cheryl O’Grady whose mom was our Girl Scout leader. My favorite teacher was Mr. Selznick, he was my 3rd grade teacher. In this photo I am on the bottom row, 2nd from the right.
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Joyce Tingle Thank you Ed. Here are some names I have – 2nd row, 5th from left- Athena. 2nd row 6th from left- Gloria Carter (my neighbor). 3rd row, 3rd from left- Jerry (I think). 5th row, 5th from left – Janet Drake.
May 22 at 6:53pm · 1

Gary Crow Ok my turn top row far right Melissa Martinez, second row far left is Maritza Correa, third row three in from the right is Jerry Franco, fifth row between Vickie and Don Russell is Larry Kirk and that along with the ones Ed already Identified are all the one I remember…
May 22 at 7:21pm via mobile · 1

Joyce Tingle Thank you Gary, I always called Maritza – Marisa.
May 22 at 7:34pm · 1

Laurie Panek Aguilar @ Sudik…think I’ve heard about that crush before!! I remember Rhonda’s Mom got a red Mustang when they first came out.
@ Gary…Marritza..that’s her name!
May 22 at 8:00pm via mobile · 1

Lisa Molina DelaLoza Ed is right, I am 5th row 2nd from left


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