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Serving in Tijuana

What a wonderful day of service.  I was just thinking this morning….we all serve, when we do more than is expected, when we do a kindness or share a word of encouragement.  Those are gifts of the heart and God uses them to create beauty.


1. I got to spend time with sweet friend MSW student Marisa (actually the daughter of great friends from my law school days…and I hadn’t spent time with Marisa since she was a baby!)

2. Got to help the family of Pastor Abdiel get ready for the Quinceanera celebration of their daughter on Saturday. The dirt street will be closed for the 300 plus people who will come to celebrate this special day.

3.  Enjoyed fresh Mexican bread .. my favorite the “concha” –right out of the outdoor oven in the patio of the little church.

4.  Offered a sewing workshop for the community ladies (and children were got to paint, color, put together bracelets and bead necklaces)

5. Got to visit with a family from China who lives in the neighborhood and is coming to the mission church!

6.  Got to see Legna’s new community center… a beautiful, colorful, happy place of service and refuge!

7.  Got to talk to a govt rep about a breakfast program we would like to get started at the Community Center in 3 de Octubre.

8.  I got to give my friend, collaborator and tireless partner in the Gospel,  Tere a birthday hug (and her sweet son Jonathan too).

All in all, it was a great day!






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