We are so glad to serve in our community!  When the new Camarena Elementary School opened and we heard of Principal Dan Winters’ dream to have a Camarena after school program that would be free of charge to the Camarena families and provide a whole spectrum of enriching activities, we knew that we could help!  Our new music director, Andres Salomon finished his studies in music and his principal instrument is guitar and we knew that he would be a great resource for a guitar program!  He is teaching more than 60 students from the 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade classes. (By the way,

The students are enthusiastic and excited when they discover they will be able to produce music on their guitars. Every new class brings learning and everything unknown brings a bit of difficulty for all students. Andres tested out a technique successfully with one young student who was hoping to learn guitar and he has only one hand. The moment that he tried what Andres suggested and saw that he could strum was a moment of discovery. We were all thrilled!

Concordia is grateful to be of service.  We know we can contribute what we have to making our community strong and healthy.  It is a good thing.



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