Open House in November

This is Open House month at Concordia! Since we are in a relatively new community, it makes sense that we hold an Open House for people to come and check out Concordia in a way that let’s them blend in. Having new people checking out Concordia is norm for us here but people may have a sense of being among others who are “just checking things out.” I think its a great idea! We highlight a single worship format each Sunday. It is not anything out of the ordinary (every Sunday we strive for excellence), because it would be a rude awakening if you do something way out there and then people are disappointed when the ordinary is not as they experienced! Well, our standard is high and people are a bit surprised that we always put on a beautiful hospitality spread, for example. Yes, we do this every Sunday.

The message this month will focus on remembering that God can do the impossible. He will do what He promises and we can be sure of that. Sometimes we shrink God down to our size because it’s what we understand. But, remember…….God is the maker of heaven and earth with a single word and a simple breath! He is a BIG God and we need Him to be. We just need to remember that He actually is!!!! Join us this Sunday, November 10th, for the FAM JAM service at 10am. You will think of things in a different way. You will see things in a different way. You will be blessed in the process. Of that I am sure too!

FAMJAMNov10at 10am (2)


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