Christmas…..celebrating the light of the world!

ChristmasInvite-page-001 (2)We are excited to prepare for our Christmas celebration. Celebrating the light that came to disperse the darkness…..we are creating an atmosphere that will echo the theme of light. We hung special lighting and a wall of lighted stars and angels and star art created by the children of Concordia. Then there will be the candlelight! Real candlelight for adults and flickering electric tealights for the children.

I am excited we are creating a message and multisensory memory for families.  The message of Jesus, light of the world. The message imprinted on the mind, memory and heart as we each hold the light in our hands and hearts.

Yes, I am praying that the clear message will be so burned into the memory that we will remember it for a very long time. I know that through the working of the Holy Spirit, we will learn and remember that Jesus, the light of the world, comes down to be among us and to save us because of His great love for each one of us….His creation. It will be a beautiful night of light. It is a beautiful life of light.  I am praying for people to be touched like never before, maybe for the first time!

Don’t miss that touch of light……from the Light of the world, Jesus!


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