Christmas Day Reflection

What a beautiful celebration of the Light at Concordia yesterday and today. Today it has been a beautiful day of quiet celebration of love surrounded by family and tonight a silent night. Aside from the dramatic message last night of light piercing the darkness that is vivid in my memory I also remember the encouragement to make time, slow down and incorporate some “silent nights” into your life. Time that is so necessary to be able to hear the voice of God, the nudging of God and the encouragement of God.

I am taking that encouragement to heart. I think this is a lesson that has been stirring in my heart over the last year anyway. Last year one word that was a theme of focus for me was “surrender” and I think my word for 2014 will be “silence.” As is always the case, the word usually finds me. I am thinking I can benefit from:

–stillness and silence to listen and not always fill conversations with chatter or opinions. I think this will bring greater wisdom.

–silence to notice the quiet moments of beauty around that go unnoticed in busyness.

–silence to extend my time in quiet reflection and meditation with God.

–silence to reflect and flesh out ideas more. Good and creative ideas need breath and space to become what they are meant to be.

–stillness as a reminder to stop from rushing from one thing to the next.

–silence and stillness to just be the person God created me to be.

For a person that is task oriented and loves to measure in a tangible way the progress of things, this will not be an easy thing to remember to do. But I have seen this year, how it enriches my life and deepens my experience in my everyday life when I incorporate stillness, silence, solitude and quiet.



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