Faith and Sacrifice


We finished the series on FAITH and how we can trust God with our fears and doubts because of who He is and what we have seen Him do.  We are now looking at the cost of love in the topic of SACRIFICE.  We launched home groups last night with a reflective discussion about the sacrifice that we do for loved ones.  It is often not a burden because what we do is born out of love.  So we see the sacrifice of God in Jesus on the cross that bought our rescue.  It was a sweet sacrifice.

We talked about the fact that often in our culture we are willing to sacrifice only when it doesn’t cost us that much, only when it is convenient and until we feel like it or it serves our purposes.  That, it seems, is no sacrifice at all!  How hard it is to give up the things we want.  How hard it is to get out of our own experience.  But how necessary it is to learn to let go of the things … often material things … that try to bind us.

There are some big things to reflect on.

This is a good time to reflect.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.

Reflect on the cost.

Reflect on the love.



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