Concordia Serving South of the Border

This Easter season is an active one for the church around the world.  We have had the opportunity to work with a couple of mission teams  in Tijuana with a network of missions that we support.  It has been a great couple of weeks.  I am thankful for the team from All Saints Lutheran Church in the Seattle area and the Skov team which is comprised of a clergy couple from Colorado and a teaching ministry couple from Sacramento!  These teams come year after year and are delighted to continue relationships and meet new families and children and see families from the year before that continue to grow strong in the faith!

AbdielPastorClare Here Pastor Abdiel w Pastor Clare talking about the Easter story to these children.

What a beautiful thing when the family of faith ignores divisions and borders to support and encourage each other in the journey of faith.  In these beautiful selfless relationships it is hard to know who is better blessed — the giver or the receiver.  It is simply a work in common.  Yesterday the team gathered with a group in one of the churches to be part of a song called “Unidos, Unidos.”  The U.S. team didn’t capture all the lyrics but they were moved to see the robust singing and the holding of hands.  These are experiences that transcend language.

UNIDOS, UNIDOS Unidos, unidos, en Tu nombre unidos Unidos, unidos, en Tu nombre unidos Pues en este mundo paz y amor tendremos Pues en este mundo paz y amor tendremos Unidos siempre unidos, tomados de la mano Iremos por el mundo cantando al amor // La gloria de Jesús siempre resplandecerá Y todo el mundo sabrá que Tú eres Dios //

When we gather together in Your name, the love and peace we share as we hold hands, we will go in the world singing about this love and the glory of Jesus will shine in the world and all will know that You are God.

You can see photos and read more on our blog or on our Edificando Generaciones facebook page.  Check them out! Thanks for your prayers for this ministry and the people that are coming to know the Lord through the work of dedicated people in Tijuana.





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