New Year.

Vector 2015 Happy New Year backgroundI hadn’t realized I had my blog so neglected!  I’ve launched a new blog for Concordia (HERE) and that has received the larger share of my time and attention.  It’s amazing how important the online presence and social media engagement to establish your identity, or brand, as it is commonly referred to these days.  Christmas was a beautiful blur and we tried Facebook promotion for the first time.  Aside from statistics, its hard to gauge how much this gets word out about what you offer.  It’s all a learning process and a pretty exciting one.

2015 is exciting because we will be in a building project and its exciting only because it gives us the opportunity to launch new initiatives and programs and ways to serve and engage people in our community.  With the huge new Millenia project taking shape down the street, I am excited about what God will do in 2015.

I am praying that we can share the message. The simple message of rescue. The simple message of Jesus and His great love. I am praying that we can be a force for good and that we serve with great love and great heart. I am grateful for the beautiful work we do here at Concordia.  I am grateful to be part of it.

I am grateful for the task of helping others serve in ways that not only bring them joy but advance the mission God has given us together here.  I am grateful for the beautiful task of helping my children do that too.  I am grateful. That sums it up.