My Prayer Today….

It’s a prayer that reportedly David Brainerd (1718-1747) often prayed. Brainerd was an American missionary to the Native Americans. Even though he died at the early age of 29 God used his life in amazing ways. His prayer appropriately was…

God let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am.


The power of the “question”

If you don’t read Pastor Schmidt’s blog, I recommend you visit it.  In fact, subscribe so that you don’t miss a single post!  This week he has talked about the power of focus and today he wrote about the power of seeing the big picture.  These are “views” we need to capture each day but the busyness and the urgent things sometimes consume our attention and energy.  How are we going to do that?  One way is by posting some questions around your environment, whether it is your desk or the fridge.  Check out the questions Pastor included in his post of today.

Visit his blog HERE. It will encourage you today.

Home group

A good friend in my home group turned 30. Actually two of my good friends in my home group turned 30.  For one we managed a surprise party….for the other, I created this fun mini book. I included all the guests to her little dinner….all important people in her life and asked them to describe Shari in a few words.   I thought I would share it here…….

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A Mention on Paper Crafts Magazine Page…

Inspired to prepare a little goodie bag for hardworking staff of Concordia Preschool and in celebration of two baptisms this SUnday at 10:30am from our preschool!

Paper Crafts Magazine picked up my post and featured it on their facebook page!  Fun.

Paper Crafts Magazine

Paper Crafts Magazine Take a look at these super cute goodie bags that Melissa Salomon created for the preschool staff at her school!


Leading and serving from the same generation.

I love this photo of Melia and Amelie.  They are buddies at church on Sunday.  They are classmates at Concordia Preschool.  They are also the daughters of Director Leesa Juneau and Assistant Director Aaron Partch.  What a remarkable thing to have leadership in the same generation as those they are serving.  They know what it means to raise preschoolers.  They know what it means to be a dual working family.  They know what it means to raise a family to know about God and to love Him.

Does that make a difference?  I think so.  As contemporaries, they experienced the same things in culture.  They speak the same language.  They share the same generational vantage point.

An accident?  Not a chance.  I know they were called by God to serve in this place, in this time and will make an impact…….and ARE making an impact…..on families at Concordia Church and Preschool.

I am honored to support them in the work we do together to serve Concordia families.  I am honored to be in the Concordia family with them.