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..I know Jorden’s strength and story has inspired many of you as it has me!  Jorden’s 13 year old sister Sydney has this note she wants to share with her sisters’ supporters  (update via Auntie Kimi who has been the one keeping us up to date in real time via her Blackberry!) – Melissa

My sister is a very strong person! She seems to be healing very well! She has faith and that’s all it takes the improvement she has been making is incredible! If you asked me to describe my sister in three words I would tell you, she is much more than three words no amount of words can explain the kind of person she is. I love her with all my heart and love the person she has always been. Sydney

Also, Just off the phone with Tim (Jorden’s mom)

Jorden had a good night, she did her breathing exercises every hour on the hour and as a result the X-Rays this morning are Clear! They have adjusted her pain meds, no more Morphine, she is now on Vicodin. The doctor stopped by to inform them that he will be removing the Electronic heart monitor from her chest today. As well, she may be released as early as tomorrow, Friday, but dependent on her getting up and walking. She is eating a little more and more alert now that she is off the Morphine.

Wed. Update on Jorden

Everyone liked being able to see Jorden’s beautiful face and connect her to the prayers we have been saying! So many comments have come into the Facebook updates about her incredible strength and faith. Jorden is an amazing young woman, allright!

update Wednesday 3pm

Great news Jorden just  moved out of ICU and into her private room. She only has her IV in now, all others out. They are still monitoring pain and breathing. They will  try and get her walking later tonight.
They just gave her the ok to change liquid diet to something more substantial. Nick reading Jorden the menu.
Unfortunately I will have to leave my beautiful niece as duty calls.
Headed back to san diego in a few.(this is aunt Kimi)
I will send updates as I receive from Timi. (mom of Jorden, twin of Kimi)
Once again thank you  all for the support and love. Please continue to have Jorden in your prayers.
Signing off.

update Wednesday 9:40am

Jorden did not sleep much, nurse says pain will be expected more as the days go by. Jorden is not eating/liquids  much they/we  are encouraging her to have more liquids also to breath into I-S breathing tube as her recent x-ray showed a little collection at bottom of lungs.
They are taking other chest tube now,deep breaths…..

Wed 1:20am

“Two main chest tubes are out.  Jorden did well, she said: ” was not as bad as I thought  and the pressure is gone in my chest.” One more to go but not today.”

Isn’t Jorden amazing?  The facebook page has had lots of comments about her strong spirit and faith!

pray for jorden

Pray for my young friend jorden who is having heart surgery at UCLA today at 2pm……thank you!

Update at 3:52pm Just met doctor, very confident, pleasant and great bedside manner. Jorden in good spirits and no worries.

Update at 4:21pm. The surgery is just beginning.  The Dr. is confident, Jorden is calm, her mom not so much. Pray for her family during this waiting time.  The Dr. says it will be 5 hours. Pray please.

Update 7:43 pm.  Nurse said jorden is now on bypass heart and lung machine, blood preasure good, doctor will now begin repair. Jorden doing well.

Update 9:56pm Great news-The nurse just reported that the doctor was able to repair the valve and that jorden is off the bypass. They are closing her and should be in icu in about an hour!
She will be in icu for at least a day. Also, they did not have to use any blood transfusion, only her own blood.

Update 12:34am Jorden  just out of surgery and dr explained the repair on her valve was a bit more intensive then we he expected. However he was able to repair with cortex and ring. Said next 2 hours they will be watching for any bleeding.
We should be able to see her in about an hour or so.

Update 12:56am Note from Jorden’s Mom:  I wanted to personally thank all of you for sending the direct line to the heavens above to watch over my daughter! I am so very grateful!!
Much love

Update 2:42am Just saw Jorden, she looks great! She is waking up, slowly, she recognized me and responded by nodding her head. They are giving her pain meds, antibotics and insulin as her blood sugar was high due to stress on heart. Awaiting on x-ray to check on any bleeding.camping out at hospital.

Update 2:50pm Jorden still in ICU, they removed the ventilator. Which she is very relieved about. They have given her some morphine for pain, which made her sick.
Timi just reported they have removed her chest IV tube. Nurses said they may try and get her up later tonight.
She ate a few bites of jello, crackers, cranberry juice and a few spoons  of sherbert ice cream.

Update 9:56pm Hi all!
Jorden is still in ICU, the dr just stopped by and is  very happy with her progress. Because  Jorden sat up in a chair for about 4 hours. Gosh that was hard to watch. But jorden is a trooper!
she is a lot of pain, they r trying to control it.
The doc and staff have been really great. The doctor said and I quote “Jorden is doing so well because she has Faith”- don’t think I have ever heard  a doctor say that.
The dr decided to have her chest tubes removed.this is a great thing. The dr and nurses say, for most this is the worst part of surgery. So he ordered more pain meds and something to sedate her. Which will make her more comfortable.
Not certain how long she will be in ICU.
Thank you all for your love and prayers. Jorden feels the love.
Chat soon, it’s time for my shift. Not certain I can be there when they remove the tubes.

Prayer is powerful because we have a powerful God.  Continue to pray for Jorden’s healing and complete restoration to health!

Here is Jorden a few days before surgery.

Fusse at Borders tonight

Andres and Fusse unveiled lots of new music tonight. I like the acoustic gigs. They have a show at the SOMA in Point Loma on August 15.  It is a sold out show! They are excited to begin playing the new music they are recording.

Reality show webisode featuring FUSSE

9 days to launch……

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Respite in “My Song is Love Unknown”

“But O! my Friend, my Friend indeed,
Who at my need His life did spend.”