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Fusse at Brick by Brick

Fusse played tonight at Brick by Brick in the band competition Emergenza.  They only had 3 minutes to set up. THe band before had set the amp at weird reverb settings.  Andres busted a string on his electric guitar at the beginning of the set and he had to sing without his guitar.  He looked amazingly natural and energetic even without his guitar as security.  This meant Hector had to carry the lead and they switched up guitar solos even doing a creative bass solo. They cut out one song that required the extra lead guitar……they had to think of how to reorganize this all WHILE performing!  Even with all of that extra chaos and confusion, they were on the top of their game! If they go on to the next level, they play 4th and B next!  When they started as a band, that was their dream venue!

Seven Wonders of the World…..

Back from St. Louis.

I went to St. Louis to complete an assignment with the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Hispanic Ministry and we presented our recommendations to the president of our Synod.  Our most urgent request was that an Executive be appointed as Director for Strategic Development for Hispanic Ministry.  Economic times are a bit tough but it is all about priorities.  Please pray that this will also be a priority for our church leaders.  After all, in another two generations, a third of our national population will be Hispanic and we need to make the present time count in serving and valuing the Hispanic community NOW.  I also met with the National Hispanic Convention team to plan the next national convention.  For a variety of reasons, there is a very late start on this project and a hotel is being chosen next week in Orlando.  Please pray for those preparations. 

Thankfully, even though 200 flights were cancelled with American Airlines, mine was not cancelled neither going nor coming!

I didn’t get a chance to meet up with my friend Jamie who moved to St. Louis last year.  I was hoping to see her “baby bump”…..(next time Jamie!) 

 I did get a chance to spend some time with my young friend Rev. Samuel Gomez (soon to be Rev. Dr.) who is working very hard in Hispanic Ministry in Escondido at Grace Lutheran.  He has more than 300 members in two services and booked solid for baptisms, XV años and Weddings.  This Saturday he has 5 (1 baptism, two XV años and two weddings!)  I am praying God continues to give him health and stamina for the good work he is doing there.

He did it all for you….and for me.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration.  The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and His victory over death opened heaven for you and for me.

Fusse at Borders

Fusse played at the new Borders in Eastlake.  It was an acoustic set with a much reduced drum load!  Two ballads were featured including the debut of “I will follow you” composed and sung by Hector Michel. Here is a video clip of Fusse’s “Life Less Traveled”

Quick Layouts

I was inspired by the art of Ed Hardy which is on this trucker hat of Elizabeth’s which she playfully put on her grandma in this photo.  It was a moment of fun that I was happy I captured.

Cleaning up one of my famous “piles” of stuff in my office, I came across this photo of Andres making a goofy face.  (Hey, Samuel didn’t you take this photo all those years ago?)  Now at 20 Andres is still making those goofy faces when I ask him to let me take a photo.  This beach shot however is a natural one.  I used my sewing machine to stitch the casual path of the bird. However, I had to go over it with a little black Sharpie highlighting every other stitch so that it would show up. Just an experiment. The journaling in the white box is actually from one of our favorite childrens books, “I love you forever”….we made up a tune and I would sing it to the children when they were little.  That is what came to my head when doing this layout.